Bye Bye, V-Card

Bye Bye, V-Card

Chloe Temple and River Lynn

An Exclusive Daughter Swap Chloe Temple Scene

River and Chloe have been friends for a long time and confide all their secrets in one another. River tells Chloe that she thinks she’s finally ready to lose her virginity and that she’s planning to go to the clubs, meet a cute guy, and see where the night takes them. Chloe isn’t convinced and explains to River that her first time should be with someone she trusts. She then admits her first time having sex was with her stepdad, Ken. Chloe remembers fondly when Ken entered her room in the dead of night, seeing Chloe naked in her bed and putting his hand on her slender body. As he moved his hands over her petite breasts and down to her waist, she could feel herself drinking him in, ready to give him anything he wanted. Astonished, River can’t imagine her first time being with her own stepfather, but as Chloe paints the picture, River feels herself giving into the fantasy and becoming more and more horny for her stepdad, Jack. Chloe sees the gears turning in River’s head and knows that she has her thinking about what it might feel like to have her pussy filled up for the very first time with her stepdad’s dick. The familiarity and comfort would be so enticing. After all, your first time should be with someone you trust. Chloe also offers her own stepdad as a candidate for River’s first time, which they try, but it ends up not working out. Ken agrees with Chloe that River’s first time should be with Jack, as it’ll be a sensation beyond her wildest dreams. So Chloe and Ken decide they’ll be the ones to set the foundation and set up a talk with Jack. They explain to Jack that River wants to lose her virginity, and it should be him who takes it. He’s floored by what they’re telling him and couldn’t possibly fathom fucking his own stepdaughter. His head is spinning, and he can’t help but envision himself mounted over River, with the tip of his cock just outside his stepdaughter’s pussy lips, pushing gently against her until she’s ready for him to penetrate her. Jack thinks everyone has lost their minds, but when he sees that this is truly what River wants, he comes around and agrees to at least try. Still, Jack can’t seem to bring himself to caress, let alone fuck River. So the stepdad’s agree to a daughter swap. Ken will take River, and Jack will take Chloe. This is much easier, and Jack enjoys himself as he eats Chloe’s pussy. But as the sex intensifies, Jack and River keep making eye contact, and the sexual tension between them builds. Now seeing her in action, with her breasts bouncing wildly and her pussy dripping with excitement, Jack is getting more enticed by the idea of filling his stepdaughter’s pussy with his dick. He doesn’t have to wait long for this to happen. River climbs on his lap and lets Jack penetrate her. It feels even more wild and wrong than he could have imagined, but it’s too orgasmic to stop. He was fucking his own stepdaughter, and she was loving it, soaking up every ounce of attention and every inch of his cock with a big smile on her face. When Jack can no longer hold his load, River gets on her knees so she can take her stepdad’s hot load all over her face. As far as first times go, River will never forget how she lost her virginity to Ken and her own stepdad, and she can’t wait to do it again.

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