Fool Me Once, Fuck Me Twice

Fool Me Once, Fuck Me Twice

Willow Ryder and Jade Valentine

An Exclusive Daughter Swap Jade Valentine Scene

Willow and Jade constantly fight, trying to get the other caught up in a prank war. But one day, Willow goes too far and breaks a valuable vase belonging to Jade’s stepdad, Mike. Jade knows Willow is in big trouble, and she knows that Willow will get her comeuppance. But Jade is also a kinky little babe and wants to see just how far Willow is willing to go to apologize. Jade has had the hots for her stepdad for a while now. She eyes Mike whenever she can and imagines what it would be like to get fucked hard by her stepdaddy. Just the chance to see his cock and to see him throat fuck another girl would be amazing. Mike whips out his cock and gets his shaft deep down Willow’s throat. Seeing this turns Jade on instantly, and she hopes she gets to be a bad girl, too. Willow’s stepdad, Clarke, enters just in time to give Jade what she wants. Mike and Clarke can’t believe they’re getting their cocks sucked by each other’s stepdaughters, and Mike is stunned at how eager Jade is to impress him. Although she’s sucking Clarke’s dick, she keeps eyeing Mike, hoping they’ll all swap and she can have a turn with her own stepdaddy. Her opportunity comes soon, and now Mike will have the chance to fuck Jade, and Clarke can fuck Willow. But Willow isn’t sure about the swap, as getting fucked by her own stepdad seems wrong and perverse on so many levels. Still, she’s feeling horny now that she’s in the zone and ultimately folds. Clarke’s cock in her pussy is a wild sensation. Never in a million years would she anticipate being fucked by her stepdad, but here she was, getting fucked on the couch in a kinky group setting, no less. Clarke and Mike fuck their stepdaughters with fierce intensity before busting their loads, giving Willow and Jade a big sticky mess to enjoy. The horny chicks swap a cummy kiss and revel in the moment.

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