Daughter Watching Porn

Scary Movies And Swapping Daughters

Stevie Grey and Aria Lee

Dad Teaching Daughter Sex

Aria Lee and Stevie Grey have some catching up to do, especially since Stevie started dating a new guy. She wants to know how far Aria has gone with a guy so she can get some advice. Aria is a little coy about it, but she seems pretty happy recounting her experience. In short, she seems like she has definitely gone all the way before. Stevie is excited by that and suggests that they invite some boys over later that night while they watch a movie. But their stepdads are not fooled by this little ploy. They have a feeling the girls have been watching porn, and as we all know, porn is highly inappropriate! Later on, when these girls are expecting their boy toys to come over as they watch a scary movie, their stepdads sneak into the room with masks on. They each slip fingers into the pussies of the others stepdaughter, and start digging for gold. These stepdaughters pussies get wet quick, welcoming the stepdad dongs in. Then, the stepdads take off their masks, and the real fun begins. These stepdaughters suck, make out and ride while they enjoy each others stepdads long cocks. When it is over, they decide to keep it one big secret. Our lips are sealed!

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